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I No Longer Hate Trump. In Fact, I Love Joe Biden Too.


FREEI’ll be setting off pee tape golden shower fireworks when the people return this country to the same status quo that brought us President Trump. Tags: humor neoconservativism satire. ... See Details

Created: 23 days ago

How the Homeland Security Department Controls Its Image In


FREEDHS is among those departments, whose federal agents have patrolled Portland, grabbing protestors off the streets and throwing them into unmarked vans, often without identifying themselves or ... See Details

Created: 8 days ago

Workers Face Retaliation For Organizing Unions During COVID-19


FREEOn June 30, the New Museum in New York City laid off 18 full and part-time staff among the 41 employees furloughed in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite receiving between $1 ... See Details

Created: 15 days ago

Tennessee Has Staggering Rate Of Bankruptcy Due To Medical


FREEDue to a chronic vascular condition, Grimm’s son has required 24 surgeries over his lifetime, and her family has struggled with staving off bankruptcy while trying to cover the medical expenses ... See Details

Created: 5 days ago

Fuss Over Culinary Workers' Flyer Is Latest Cynical Attack


FREESupposedly, Reid convinced bosses to let employees off work to participate in caucuses at six casino sites. But Jeff Weaver, who was the campaign manager for Sanders in 2016, challenged whether ... See Details

Created: 18 days ago

Two Challenges The Single-Payer Movement Must Address


FREETell people just how much they are being ripped off. This would take a real educational effort, but it is a message the public has not gotten before. It is a strategy that has not really been tried. ... See Details

Created: 9 days ago

CIA Torture Psychologists Settle With Survivors To Avoid Trial


FREEPersonnel cut off his clothes, taped his hands, and a hood was put on his head. He was run up and down a hallway and “sometimes stumbled and was dragged.” Personnel also “slapped and punched ... See Details

Created: 16 days ago

Police Killed vs. Killed by Police: a Statistical


FREEThe second shooting was apparently on the interstate, multiple shooters allegedly having fired at an off-duty cop not in uniform, and driving his personal vehicle. ... See Details

Created: 4 days ago

Confessions of a SERE Veteran: What It is, and What It Was


FREEThe perception that blowing off someone’s kneecap would elicit the location of the Ticking Nuke was constantly reinforced by the chattering Village Idiots who also had no understanding what they ... See Details

Created: 5 days ago

"Optical intercourse" - Shadowproof


FREEA man and a woman cannot go to an off-campus restaurant together without a chaperon (usually a faculty member). Even running into members of the opposite sex off campus can lead to punishment. ... See Details

Created: 1 month ago