Tibetan Buddhism – Struggling With Diffi·Cult Issues

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FREEWe are seeing a potential tipping point of white people committed to anti-racist actions […] Buddhism by tenpel Jun 8, 2020 3:32 pm June 8, 2020 Not to extend our natural compassion and kindness to others makes us a ‘world killer’ – says the 17th Karmapa ...Show details

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7 wise Buddhist teachings - Hack Spirit

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FREEBuddhism doesn’t deny that this is a difficult transition to accept, going from a life with your loved one to a life without them. But Buddhism teaches that when we lose someone who loved us, we never really lose them. Their impact on our lives has changed us, and a part of them now lives inside of us. ...Show details

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8 Buddhist Tips for Dealing with Anger — Study Buddhism

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FREE8 Buddhist Tips for Dealing with Anger. Matt Lindén. So next time you’re on the verge of screaming your head off, draw your sword of patience and cut the head off your own anger instead. This one is difficult for people to comprehend, but the fact is that when we start to analyze reality, it radically changes our perspective. We’ll ...Show details

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"Dealing With Anger" by Lama Surya Das | The Buddha | PBS

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FREEIt’s people that kill other people, not guns per se. In Buddhist training, there’s a great deal of emphasis on cultivating lovingkindness and compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and mercy, as ...Show details

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Being here: A Buddhist approach to pain - Wildmind

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FREEIt is said that when Atisa, a great Indian Buddhist teacher, went to Tibet to teach the Dharma he took his tea boy along with him because he found him so irritating and difficult to get along with. Atisa was concerned that he might not have enough irritants in Tibet and he wanted to maintain an edge in his practice. ...Show details

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Buddhist Insight on How to Deal with our Emotions

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FREEAccording to Buddhist teachings, all sorts of emotions can be harmful—even the good ones. We might think that we become attached to people or objects, but the truth is that we get attached to the emotions they stir up in us (whether they be pleasurable or painful). ...Show details

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Practicing in a Pandemic - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

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FREEJust before the new year, people living near a market in Wuhan, China, started to get sick. Another week passed before people knew what they were dealing with: a new strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, which proved deadly a few days later. Despite increasingly strict measures to contain the disease, it continued to spread around the globe, leading the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 ...Show details

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4 Easy Steps to Deal with Difficult People

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FREEWhy are some people continually difficult to deal with? What makes Joe easy to get along with and John such a struggle? Here are the major reasons and what can be done about it. 1. We feel triggered when our needs aren’t met. We love it when we are acknowledged. We may not be crazy about when we are criticized, but it beats Option #3: being ...Show details

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